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Luigi Bianchi Cerimonia Collection

Luigi Bianchi Cerimonia is a collection dedicated specifically to weddings.
This collection shares a long sartorial traditon and the artisan roots of Luigi Bianchi outfits, where the quality of the workmanship in the Mantua tailoring workshop makes the difference. This line is the perfect combination of exclusive style and impeccable manufacture. These looks must ooze character and originality, but that’s no reason why they must be less than perfect in design and manufacture.

Spring Summer 2024

Harmonies in balance.

Balance of style is the perfect epithet for the spring summer 2024 collection, synonymous with refinement and taste. A balance that involves all the elements of the suit, from the colours to the fabrics, to symbolise the close link between tradition and innovation, between classic and contemporary, dichotomies that find a meeting point and characterise the Luigi Bianchi Cerimonia line. Balance and harmony are expressed through the sinuous and stately lines of the new proposals, attention is in fact paid to the code of combinations that distinguish each suit, each colour combination is not casual, but follows rules of style that reflect the decisive character of the person wearing the garments, enhancing their strong points.

Plain-coloured suits, the great must-have of the season, were paired with waistcoats embellished with floral details, echoing the fantasy of the accessories to create a harmonious and balanced picture.

The key colours for spring summer 2024 are a bouquet of freshness, ranging from the elegant and classic midnight blue to the lively navy blue to exclusive newcomers, from the bold teal green to the softer tones of white and ivory, absolute game changers for this season. Jackets are the great protagonists of the new collection, they are combined with contrasting waistcoats to emphasise details and precious finishes. 

The classic is enhanced by clean, avant-garde lines, the Luigi Bianchi Cerimonia groom renews himself, expressing his creativity through patterns, skilfully revisited to guarantee a fresh, seductive and never banal charm. The rose, always present, has been reinterpreted to give new light to a timeless allure. The jacquards are broad and well-defined, precious details that make the difference and catch the eye. The new spring summer 2024 collection is a celebration of lasting freshness and refinement, which emerge naturally without effort, an emotional balance that is also achieved by wearing a perfect dress on the most important day.

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