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Luigi Bianchi Flirt

Luigi Bianchi Flirt Collection

Luigi Bianchi Flirt is an immediately recognisable, iconic line:  it encapsulates a sober, clean-cut, classy style

that can be defined as ‘timeless’, because it goes beyond the trends of the moment. These garments are a mix of elegant good looks;  wearers can express their personalities with a definite look that’s also ethical.

Ethics that apply in the manufacturing process and excellent materials.
These garments will never be missing from a true gentleman’s wardrobe; wearing them takes you into exclusive circles.

Spring Summer 2023.

Modern Reinassance.

Like a modern Renaissance man, curious and governed by a passion for the arts, and animated by a new way of conceiving the world and oneself, the Luigi Bianchi Flirt man is not satisfied with a suit to wear, but seeks a work of haute couture, studied down to the smallest detail, almost a collector's piece. Materials of excellent quality, sewn by skilful hands, in full respect of the principles of Made In Italy, translate into posed and refined fits and a wide range of models and styles, timeless classics, such as dinner jackets finished with shawl collars or lance lapels, but also in conceptually new proposals for this line, such as the one with the mandarin collar. An elegant code of style incorporates superior fibres - such as wool, silk and mohair - each of which is selected with great care and attention, and as always with an eye to the principles of eco-sustainability.

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