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The Brand

Luigi Bianchi is synonymous with excellent quality, refined style and innovation.

Craftsmanship, Heritage and Sartorial luxury are the values that distinguish

Luigi Bianchi jackets, suits and sartorial coats, all exclusively

Made in Italy.

The garments of the Luigi Bianchi  collection are subject to constant stylist research.

They have a fit rich in detailing, which results in a feel of comfort conducive with the wearer’s personal style.

The complete offer satisfies the needs  and the increasingly sophisticated tastes of the target.

In the collection you can find unconstructed and garment dyed products, beside more formal proposal as
business and ‘black tie’ dinner suits, but also ceremony and wedding suits.

The three key variations – each belonging to one of three unique signature collections - 


The collection is dedicated to the refined, educated man who is demanding and recognises and appreciates

the excellent quality of these tailored garments.


History & Values

The historic brand belongs to Lubiam - a Mantuan company

that has represented a model of excellence in the field of men's tailor made

since 1911 – and is ever-evolving.

The collection takes its name from the company founder, Luigi Bianchi, who in 1911 set up

"Primaria Sartoria Luigi Bianchi - menswear and women’s dresses and suits".

Thanks to his enthusiasm and passion for the craft of tailoring, Luigi Bianchi soon succeeded in starting up a successful firm,

abandoning the womenswear at the end of the 1920s and focusing all his efforts and attention on tailoring for men,

with 250 employees in 1933, which increased to over 400 in 1936. Through a long specialisation and innovation process strongly
motivated by Luigi’s eldest son, Edgardo, the Industria Confezioni Luigi Bianchi (Luigi Bianchi Production Industry) was established
followed by Lubiam, an acronym of Luigi Bianchi Mantova, underlining the profound ties with its land of origin (1939).
In the late 50’s the company made its presence felt with a loud burst on the national arena appearing first on “Carosello”

(national television publicity segment), entered into the public memory. The 60’s saw the launch of major advertising campaigns,

involving TV, Radio and Movies, posters and competitions.
The 70’s marked the arrival to the company of the third generation of family, Giuliano and Luigi Jr.
From this moment onwards, the story evolves into a rapid succession of events and successes, among which the company’s worldwide expansion, firstly in the United States followed by Europe and continuing as far as China and Japan.

In the 1990s, a global restructuring process was undertaken by the company in order to find new development opportunities for the brand.

The fourth generation of the Bianchi family carried the company forward and in 2011 Lubiam celebrated its centenary:
constant commitment to research, innovation, experimentation and a will to produce excellent quality garments are the
values the company has adopted to achieve this enviable target, demonstrating an ability to continuously re-invent itself
and its products, but never forgetting its origins.


Made in Italy - Made in Mantova

The Luigi Bianchi collections arise from the principles of tradition and innovation,

that characterizes every aspect of the brand philosophy.

The brand can boast more than a century of experience in tailoring men’s luxury garments under the same family.
The key to its success lies in its identity as a family business and the values handed down to the business by different generations. The Bianchi family has tenaciously continued to invest in the Made in Italy label and chosen to keep its original production site in Mantua,
enhancing it with modern machinery and the experience and professionalism of highly qualified personnel.

In the main Factory in Viale Fiume, the process of the garments realization occurs from beginning to the end.
Here the inspirations and the ideas are trasformed into product, which is subject to careful quality control.
The gestures and artisan procedures result in a series of complex steps, which allow to obtain at the end a perfect tailored garment.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The company has distinguished itself over the years not only for its success

in men’s luxury fashion in Italy and abroad,

but also for its care for employees, its Family-Work Conciliation projects and promotion

of the territory through artistic and cultural initiatives.

To do justice to in-house resources, who are the company’s real wealth, Lubiam has always invested in welfare activities and employee support systems: the Family-Work Prize won in 2009 is formal recognition of an operating method handed down over the generations,

one that also creates added value in social terms.
The policies activated include flexible hours and a considerable percentage of part-time working schemes; the company canteen - the first in the province of Mantua - and the company nursery `Ida ed Edgardo Bianchi’.

Always in the Lubiam DNA there is a strong bond with the territory of Mantova and the love for art and cluture.
A vocation that has resulted in a variety of activities, such as the collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum in Venice

with initiatives dedicated to the schools which involved more than 1.200 students in each edition, from 2012 to 2015.
The company supported from 2016 to 2019 ‘Sculptures in Piazza’, a project that takes contemporary art
into the heart of Mantua, in particular into the Palazzo Ducale Museum area. The sculptures standed in Piazza Castello for one
year, after which they would be on display in the gardens of the Company HQ in Viale Fiume, Mantua.

In collaboration with the Palazzo Ducale Museum, Luigi Bianchi launched a special project called

`Fashion Courts Art’ - a Capsule Collection for the Giulio Romano Exhibition’.

A GREEN FUTURE - The company implemented various initiatives to minimise its already low ecological impact. Over the years its consumption of energy and water has been drastically reduced and waste has been disposed of and recycled by means of
separate collection; many parts of the company facilities have timed energy-saving LED illumination to avoid wasteful consumption.

The canteen on the company’s premises helps to reduce travelling at lunchtime, avoiding the use of cars.
The company facilities are even more up to date regarding environmental sustainability and the use of energy, thanks
to the installation of a large, latest generation photovoltaic system (2968m2), integrated into the roof.

Several projects were designed to reduce use of one-way plastic items: plastic bottles have been replacedby flasks supplied to all employees, and in the field of packaging were chosen new, ecofriendly, regenerated plastic garment bags.

The raw material used to produce them derives from virgin plastic production scrap. This safeguards the environment by re-using existing plastic, thereby avoiding new gas emissions from oil, and at the end of its useful life the garment bag is recyclable.

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