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Luigi Bianchi Sartoria Collection

Luigi Bianchi Sartoria stands out for its strong identity, in which the key codes of essentiality and refinement are affirmed.

Excellent quality men's suits and jackets, carefully crafted in Mantua by skilled hands, embody the excellence of Made in Italy sartorial luxury.

The collection is dedicated to a cultured, refined, demanding man, an intellectual with a strong but never rigid attitude, who recognizes and finds himself in the harmony and beauty of everything around him.

spring summer 2023

The inspiration for the new Spring Summer 2023 collection comes from the colours and beauty of Tuscany: the brown roofs that stand out against the white of the walls and the clear sky above them, but also the green of the countryside, the hills and the herbs. The 'green' component indicates a specific chromatic direction this season, but also reflects an ethical choice made by the company some time ago. Within the new collection, in fact, this philosophy is expressed in the extensive use of Tencel.


The fabrics are embellished and enlivened by wavy backgrounds and material textures that recall not only city architecture but also natural patterns such as tree bark. The whole collection is characterised by an exquisitely summery mood, clear and bright, underlined by a precise choice of materials that makes the collection a hymn to grace and elegance: the freshness of cotton, the lightness of wool-linen-silk blends, the versatility and stretch component of the wool-tencel combo.

In terms of styling, a preference for split looks emerges. Designed jackets - Welsh, Scottish, Resche macro checks - are flanked by blazers in three-dimensional weaves, developed in shades of white but also in bolder tones.


The suit is always present, but abandons patterns such as Wales or pinstripes, in favour of refined plain and false plain fabrics with wavy bottoms, found in wools, cottons, linens, almost exclusively presented in canvas or weaves (resche, twill) with very light weights and excellent performance, ensuring comfort and breathability. Among the outerwear novelties, there are three models in technical cotton fabric (long single-breasted trench coat, double-breasted trench coat, field jacket), in the colours mud, hazelnut and blue. Added to these is a refined suede jacket, a model with four pockets with button fastening, a sophisticated reinterpretation of the overshirt.


Thanks to the development of a refined and precious selection of knitwear, the Luigi Bianchi Sartoria collection is more and more complete and defined and allows for the creation of outfits with a minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic, which clearly convey the brand's identity.

Thus, the LUIGI BIANCHI world, for a long time identified mainly with jackets and suits, is now enriched with finished models of knitwear, technical outerwear, shirt jackets and leather jackets.

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